2013 Joseph Redman Classical Guitar

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Posted on: less than 4 weeks ago
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For sale is a hand-built instrument with features you would expect to find on concert guitars costing much more, like a 12 hole tie-block, all solid woods throughout, and french polish finish. Sound is beautiful (check out the samples). Plenty of volume/sustain/projection. A quick note on the sound: it's very balanced all the way up the neck. The basses don't overpower the trebles (like on many cheaper classical guitars) but play very well with each other. Another unique thing about Joseph's guitars is the intonation. This guitar is about as close to perfect as I've ever heard on a classical guitar - and here's his explanation on it:

During it's life Joseph expertly repaired 3 tiny hairline cracks in the Wenge back and sides and they are 100% stable. The last two images of the gallery show one crack in the back (upper bout...difficult to see, circled in red) and the fix applied by Mr. Redman inside. When I commissioned this instrument I had it done with appointments similar to Torres' guitars like the headstock and heel seen on his instruments. The setup is standard on this guitar and it is very easy to play (I understand this is a subjective matter) for me - it's 4mm at the 12th fret under the 6th string and just under 3mm at the 1st string. There is a lot of saddle left to lower the action if desired.

For full disclosure the finish job on the top is near perfect. However, on the back and sides there are some dull spots and other imperfections. Other than that, there are a few tiny nicks and scratches here and there (the largest one is behind the tie block where it must have gotten hit while changing strings) - but nothing really major for an instrument that was played often for 6 years.

The price for this instrument when I commissioned it in 2013 was $2500. The only reason I'm parting ways with it is because my playing has taken quite a turn in focus and technique: I play now on mostly antique instruments using gut strings and no nails. This guitar sounds best (in my opinion) being played with modern technique, as in the sound sample.

Comes with hardshell case, humidifier, dynarette cushion (small size), and a digital humidity meter (with a fresh battery). Guitar is currently strung up with a brand new set up D'Addario Pro-Arte EJ45 strings.

Bracing: Traditional Fan Bracing
Top: Lutz Spruce
Back / Sides: African Wenge
Neck: Spanish Cedar
Neck Reinforement: Bloodwood
Fingerboard: Ebony
Bridge / Headstock Veneer: Rosewood
Bindings / Backstrip / Endstrip: Maple
Nut/Saddle: Unbleached Bone
Scale length: 640mm
Nut: 50mm
Body Length - 483mm
Body depth - 92mm - 98mm
Upper bout - 283mm
Waist - 248mm
Lower bout - 368mm

Sound sample: https://soundcloud.com/laguitarraclasica/shand-lento-op-100