Classical Guitar - Cordoba model Blochinger collaboration

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Blöchinger designs and oversees the building of all Cordoba Custom Artist guitars made in Spain.

This is also posted on Ebay -- but I cannot remember my password and no longer have same email acct to do a ebay password recovery. Sorry for inconvenience!

Since this is a PROTOTYPE, it would be logical to me his involvement was greater than with the production Custom Artist guitars. Perhaps he even built it himself? If anyone can give me an email for Mr. E Blochinger - I'd love to ask him this.

A 2009 HANDMADE prototype from Cordoba Guitars -

This prototype is a ONE OFF beautiful Brazilian Rosewood - THIS IS VERY VERY SPECIAL.

Perfectly book matched, master grade European Spruce top Classical Guitar with top grade extra-fancy Fustero Tuners (no longer in business but were the go to tuners for top grade classical guitar restoration projects)

Hard shell case: included!

Since 1982, Blöchinger has handcrafted guitars from the finest quality woods, and has worked closely with the great guitarists of the Romero family. Although he works alone and only produces 10 handmade instruments per year, Blöchinger designs and oversees the building of all Custom Artist level guitars made in Spain.

Blochinger guitars (I am told) sell for about 18,000 dollars. I have no way of confirming this because you literally cannot find a new Blochinger classical guitar because he NOW has a 7 year waiting list.