Eric Johnson Fender Electric Guitar (rosewood Neck) Upgraded Bridge

Condition: Used
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Price: 1200
Ad status: SOLD!

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Posted on: less than 2 months ago
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All you want in a strat! The secret is the pickups and this one has a better bridge pickup than the maple one as EJ explains in a fender video on you tube. Very tele like bridge pickup sound. I had a callahan vintage bridge put on and yes it makes the guitar sustain for days on end and the string spacing is better than stock bridge on the Low and High E-strings, replaced the nut with proper cut and never gigged this guitar. plays like a dream and sounds better than any strat I ever heard. original Fender case included unscratched! its worth every penny and set up like a dream. currently 11's tuned to e-flat! rosewood is so smooth and just a better sounding guitar than the maple version. Dont waste time with other strats. A/B agaist multiple custom shop strats and it wins. One ding on bottom but not noticeable to the eye in front and under input jack on bottom. Other than that its DEAD mint! You wont find these much on craigs list. Its a gem. text preferred over email. you will never find one at this price with the upgrade

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