FS: Taylor 914ce Acoustic Guitar *Special Production and Almost New!*

Condition: Used
Will ship to: Local pickup only
Price: 3500
Ad status: SOLD!

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Posted on: less than 5 months ago
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Ok, so this is going to genuinely hurt, a lot. I'm at a point in life where I need to thin out my "stuff" and anything that isn't getting used is going to have to go. I play electric guitar (not well, but I play). Back around 2007-2008 I lived in New York city and I had been fairly fortunate on the work front. I decided to buy an acoustic guitar to give it a try and so I went to the world-famous Rudy's in New York where they sell the best guitars on the planet. I went there a bunch of times over a week or so just trying everything they had. What I thought I wanted on a guitar (spectacular looking burled maple) actually sounded terrible because the burls prevent sound travel and, as a result, a guitar with burled maple sounds thin and tinny. Ultimately, the best sounding guitar in the store under $10k was, to me, without question, the Taylor 914ce Acoustic/Electric Grand Auditorium with the Expression System. This is fairly fortunate because I happened to have a friend who was friends with a guy who is high up at Taylor. As a result, when I ordered the guitar it was made to order, it received additional QC checks and the best pieces of wood and inlay were used. The guitar is absolutely superb. The back and sides are Indian rosewood and the top is Sitka Spruce.

Fast forward to now, I'm embarrassed to say that I only played the guitar a handful of times total. It could easily pass for brand new and there isn't a scratch, scuff or any other imperfection that would distinguish it from brand new. I believe that a picture tells 1000 words so please see the pics.

Terms of the sale are as follows:

$3,500 cash, firm. This is beyond fair as you'll pay $5,000 for a regular one elsewhere. No shipping (perhaps with direct bank wire transfer and $250 added for shipping) or alternative payment methods. Please don't waste either of our time asking.

If you know for sure that you want a 914ce then great. My guitar will play like a 914ce. I'm happy for you to come and try the guitar to ensure that it's flawless and perfect but please don't waste my time trying to figure out of a 914ce is for you - do that at a music store.

The case (also flawless) and all standard accessories are included, exactly as you'd expect when buying a new Taylor guitar.

The guitar is so sweet, and I hope that it goes to an appreciative home!

Thanks for looking!


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