Gibson Marauder Electric Guitar

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Early-1970’s Gibson Marauder. A short-lived Gibson model (only 7,200 were made) with a contoured, Les Paul-shaped body and a Flying V-shaped headstock. The Marauder’s unique pickups were designed by Bill Lawrence, a pioneer in the pickup world — they’re distinctive-looking and encased in clear resin.

Gibson had 2 members of KISS endorsing the Marauder (!) and Robin Gibb (Bee Gees) played a black one in the movie version of “Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band.” [see photo]

The guitar has all all its original parts, with the possible exception of the volume and tone knobs. This one has a blender pot to go back and forth between pickups. (Some others had 3-way switches instead.) The neck is fairly thick and the body appears to be maple.

The frets have been dressed a time or two, and the only grooves from string wear are very slight. The instrument is heavy — 9 lbs. 10 oz. — and it plays well and sounds great.

There are a few scratches, and there’s a small amount of pitting on the bridge and the neck plate. But overall, it’s in very nice shape.

“BGN” is stamped on the back of the headstock, indicating that this instrument was a factory second. Or third. Here’s what one guy on says about the Gibson seconds:

“... Usually a cosmetic flaw, not affecting sound or playability, and not covered by the warranty. Most of the time they were scarfed up by employees. The regular employee price minus an extra discount was a great deal. I’ve never seen a second that was stamped at the same time as the serial number. Any flaw found at that point would have been scrapped. What’s really rare is a BGN stamp, which stands for BARGAIN. Instead of seconds, these were like thirds. Still a cosmetic flaw, just more severe. I never saw this at Nashville, but when my Dad started at Gibson in 1975, he bought a cherry ES 335 TD from Kalamazoo that was a BARGAIN. Had a very dark spot on the top about the size of a dime. Other than that, it was a perfect guitar....”

Whatever the cosmetic flaw is on this one is not apparent. But the BGN probably makes this more a player’s guitar than a collectable, so I’m selling it for about half the going rate for Marauders.

This is a cool guitar. I don’t have a case for it, but I'll include a pretty decent gig bag. (Sorry, not interested in trades.)

Thanks for looking!