Takamine EC-40C Acoustic Guitar for Sale

Condition: Used
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Price: 700
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Posted on: last month
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This is one incredibly exquisite, lovingly built, beautifully designed instrument. The patented NEX body--basically a mini-jumbo--is the perfect compromise, offering the large, full spectrum sound of a dreadnought in a much lighter, comfortable, lap (and back)-friendly package. Also looks killer.

Discontinued 1993 Takamine EC40C acoustic/electric guitar in PERFECT PLAYING ORDER--absolutely no issues. This guitar sold for well over $1300 and is, at least in my opinion (and others), a far better guitar than the closest thing to it Takamine offers today, the Pro Series 3 (which discounts for $1300, plus whatever).

Economics aside--this is not just a great deal, this a really wow guitar: looks/plays/SOUNDS great, both plugged in and not. Having had almost 27 years to open up, it obviously sounds way better than it did when new.

Unlike the G-series junk offered today, this guitar was built by hand in Japan and has superb details throughout: all solid wood construction (red cedar top/mahogany--not sapele--back and sides); pinless rosewood bridge; Deluxe Gotoh tuners (amber keys; look great, work perfect--better than Grovers); CT4B electrics and a Bone Nut.

Sound: Lovely satin finish and absence of pickguard ensures that this instrument fully resonates (reviews of this guitar--start with the one at Ultimate Guitar--specifically reference this attribute). And make no mistake: cedar really is different from spruce. With the right strings and amp/preamp setting, you can brighten up cedar but you can't really give spruce that woody warm tone. Strung up with Martin 80/20 11-52 Bronze

And you couldn't ask for a better live guitar--plugged in, you not only get a full spectrum, natural and transparent sound, but also one that resists feedback about as good as any you'll find--can definitely be played in a rock setting with drums.

Condition: Perfect playing order. Back and sides are pristine. A few small scratches on the cedar top and one on back just cosmetic dose NOT effect the integrity or sound of the guitar. There are no chips or cracks or anything to challenge the structural integrity of the instrument. However, if you are looking for a 26 year old guitar that looks like it's brand new, this may not be for you.

Comes with a SKB hardshell case

Might be interested in a trade for an American Strat or Les Paul or a maple acoustic