6 Tip for New Guitar Players

Throughout history, the guitar has been one of the most consistently and unchangingly popular instruments known on the planet. It is used in all sorts of music, and has inspired countless novice musicians to want to learn more. If you are interested in learning to play guitar, this article was meant for you.

1. Learn at your own pace.
This is essential to playing the guitar like a pro. You may have your fingering down, but you may have slight, almost inaudible pauses when you switch chords. This will greatly affect the sound of your music. Try using a metronome, a person, or a music CD. Start playing slowly and learning how to play fast as you get more comfortable with it.

2. Buy a used guitar if you are interested in learning to play guitar.
It can be hard to practice if you don't have a good guitar. You should know you need to keep a guitar tuned so that when you play it it'll sound right because things are tuned right.

3. Try adding variety to your guitar practice.
When you practice the same things over and over again, it can get boring. While routine practice is essential to playing well, you should also throw in some enjoyable items. Try playing songs that you like. You can even try playing in different locations outside your home.

4. Learn the open strings and start out playing easy songs.
Memorize the single notes because that will make learning the chords and scales easier later on. Although it's a good idea to try something more challenging on occasion, stick to playing simple songs for the first few months and practice daily.

5. After you dedicate yourself to guitar, practice regularly.
Nothing that is worth having comes easily. Knowing this, your practice should happen at least five, if not the full seven days of the week.

6. Grin and bear it.
Many beginner guitarists become discouraged by the pain, and muscle cramping that often accompanies the first few weeks of learning. Check out the Internet, or get a good guitar exercise book, and use your first few minutes of practice each day concentrating on finger exercises. This will help you to build up callouses on your fingers, and strength in your finger muscles to keep them from cramping.

It would be hard to deny the profound, universal appeal of music made with the guitar. Just hearing a few chords of a favorite tune on a guitar tends to spur musicians on to a desire for greater musical knowledge. The information presented in the article should prove useful for anyone wanting to learn more about how to play guitar.

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